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New Illustration

Here is a new illustration I created for my client the Association of Washington Cities. The piece will be used to promote their upcoming annual conference.

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Earth Day Celebration

Check out the Procession of the Species, Olympia’s celebration of Earth Day. It’s on Saturday downtown with a parade of thousands. Come join in the fun.

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It’s Olympia Arts Walk Time.

Get downtown and see all the amazing creations by local artists this Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.

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Design in Nature

Some of best design can be found in nature. Inspiration can be found all around you.


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The realities of being a designer

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CAPS or Not?

So when do you use all caps in your headline and when don’t you? For a headline which can be from one word to a short sentence, the wrong use of all caps can make a big difference on whether or not your message is received. This often is dictated by the font choice being used. Some fonts will work fine in all caps and others become extremely difficult to read when all caps are used. In the example both Verdana and Minion work reasonably well in all caps, however, Old London and Bickham Script would make your message almost impossible to read if all caps were used. So some things to look out for:

  • Ornate or script fonts will create problems with all caps
  • Clean simple fonts will be easier to read with all caps
  • All caps in general is harder to read than mixed case

Bottom line is look at your headline and make sure that it is easy to read whether or not you use all caps so that your message is not lost.


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The start of our design blog.

We hope to bring you interesting and insightful information on design which is our passion.

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